“Green” Wind Farms Linked to Whale Deaths in Certain Location

(RightWing.org) – In recent years, America has seen several examples where Liberals/Democrats have put their political agenda ahead of just about anything else. Consider the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and former President Donald Trump’s “collusion” with the Russians as just two examples. So, if it should ever be proven that they are going down the same path with the Green New Deal regardless of any other factors, would that end up being a shock?

Green Energy Versus the Environment

President Joe Biden’s Administration has gone to great lengths to try and close down coal-fired power plants along with other fossil fuel applications. In a November 2022 speech, he promised they would “be shutting these plants down all across America and having wind and solar.” But at what cost?

Along the coastal regions of New Jersey, 2023 has seen dozens of dead whales floating in the water and washing up on the beaches. Perhaps not coincidentally, this is happening just as the state’s Democrat governor, Phil Murphy, has pushed forward with building massive offshore wind farms.

Breitbart News published an exclusive story loaded with anecdotal evidence presented by captains of fishing boats, who were described as “generational fishers” who are reported to be in their 60s. The article quoted local and experienced commercial fisherman Brick Wenzel as saying, “no one has heard of or seen anything like the carnage being witnessed.”

An article in the New York Times made the attempt to pin the deaths of the mammals on “an unlikely confluence of factors.” Those include a growing population of humpback whales and a record number of cargo ships making port in the New York/New Jersey area because of the increase in online shopping brought about by the pandemic.

However, locals are pointing to the sonar technology used to map the ocean floor to determine the best places to locate the wind turbines. They claim it interferes with the echolocation used by dolphins and whales to navigate through the water.

The Problem With Wind

Problems connected to wind farms and their massive turbines are not new. In 2009, Dr. Nina Pierpont, MD, published a peer-reviewed report on “Wind Turbine Syndrome.” This pointed out that people living near them experienced symptoms including sleep disturbances, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), and panic attacks.

A 2018 paper published in the peer-reviewed Joule journal determined that providing all of the electricity demand for the country “with wind power would warm Continental US surface temperatures by 0.24°C” which is roughly equal to any reduction that could be gained by eliminating fossil fuels in the world’s electricity production.

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