Green Slams Mayorkas for Being Ignorant of How Border Smuggling Works

( – A Republican legislator has blasted Homeland Security chief Alejandro Majorkas over his failures at the Mexican border. Representative Mark Green (R-TN) says Majorkas doesn’t even understand what’s happening when it comes to human trafficking into the US. If Green is right, and he doesn’t know what’s going on, is it any surprise he hasn’t managed to stop it?

Does Mayorkas Understand the Problem?

The human trafficking business that’s bringing illegal immigrants into this country is a complex one. Liberals like to portray it as desperate people fleeing from oppression who are simply making their way to safety across the US border. That’s a long way from the truth.

The reality is that it’s a highly organized enterprise run by wealthy and powerful criminal gangs. They’ve developed efficient systems for getting the maximum number of paying clients into the US, and they use many of the same techniques as legitimate businesses.

The Mexican cartels behind the smuggling networks face a problem many large businesses are familiar with; they have a lot of “products” moving, and they need to keep track of where they are, where they’re going and, of course, whether or not they’ve paid.

The way they do that is to give illegals the same sort of wristband as you’d get at a theme park or rock concert, with different colors, symbols and writing on them. In March, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) displayed several of these wristbands to the Senate Judiciary Committee. When he tried to question Mayorkas about them, the secretary replied, “I don’t know what they are.”

Green Starts Digging

On August 21, Rep. Green wrote to Mayorkas about the issue. He slammed the secretary for not knowing about the wristband system, despite it having been widely reported in the news, and called his ignorance “deeply troubling.” He added that Mayorkas’ “ignorance of such basic and readily public information” suggests knowledge isn’t being passed between security agencies or up the DHS chain of command.

Now Green wants to know exactly how well-informed Mayorkas’ department is about the trafficking gangs. He’s asked the secretary to provide the House Committee on Homeland Security with all documents sent to his office that mention “wristbands, bracelets or other labeling systems,” as well as any intelligence reports or presentations the DHS has produced.

This information will reveal whether Mayorkas has ever been told about the wristbands. If he hasn’t, there’s a serious problem with the passage of information within the DHS. If he has, there’s an even more serious problem — either he can’t remember or doesn’t understand what he’s being told. Either way, the DHS isn’t doing its job, and a major House committee is trying to find out why.

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