Green New Deal Stalls in House

Green New Deal Stalls in House

Everyone who cares about the future prosperity of the US got an unwelcome surprise a couple of weeks ago when socialist firebrand, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), introduced her so-called “Green New Deal” to the House. This grandiose plan calls for a complete restructuring of the American economy over the next decade, eliminating carbon emissions and making it far harder to travel, manufacture or lead a comfortable life. Luckily, it seems that even AOC’s fellow Democrats don’t have much enthusiasm for turning our country into a bigger version of Venezuela.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez set the cat among the pigeons in February when along with Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), she released a 14-page resolution setting out the goals of her “Green New Deal.” This outlined a range of big government policies, including guaranteeing a job to everyone in the US, restructuring the economy along planned socialist lines and focusing on reducing greenhouse gases above almost every other priority.

  • AOC and Markey quickly set their plan into legislative motion with a pair of resolutions — HR 109 in the House and SR 59 in the Senate. If passed, these would commit the US to the ambitious — impossibly ambitious — goals of the Green New Deal.
  • Enacting the Green New Deal isn’t really possible in anything like the timescale AOC wants, and even trying would require a massive increase in government spending. Some of the more expensive items on her wish list are free health care for all and switching 100% of our electricity generation to renewable energy — all inside ten years.
  • Democrats have been wary of openly opposing AOC because she’s quickly become a prominent media personality and — through her hyperactive social media activity — one of the most popular politicians among young leftists. Creating a narrative of a radical minority woman being beaten down by the party establishment isn’t something mainstream Dems are keen on.
  • If they can’t challenge her in the media, though, her fellow Representatives can certainly make their voices heard when it comes to votes. There are 235 Democrats in the House. To get a bill through without GOP support, 218 of them need to vote for it. So far it’s picked up just 90 co-sponsors — and the last of those signed up on February 25.
  • One of the few Democrats prepared to criticize the Green New Deal openly is Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who won’t even name it correctly — she keeps calling it the “New Green Deal.” It looks like Pelosi’s unreliable voice is winning the argument among Democratic congressmen, who are reluctant to criticize AOC’s socialist fantasy openly but seem quite happy to let it die in legislative limbo.

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