Governor Under Fire For Rapid Reopening

Governor Under Fire For Rapid Reopening

( – Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) has come under fire and defended his decision to start rolling back his state’s lockdown. While President Trump is keen to see the economy get up and running again, he’s laid out a safe way of making this happen. Stitt has decided to ignore those recommendations and move ahead faster.

According to the administration, states should start reopening businesses when they’ve seen the rate of new COVID-19 cases declining for at least 14 straight days. Yet, the number of Oklahoma’s new cases are still increasing. Stitt also wants to let hairdressers and grooming salons open early — Trump says these businesses should wait as the personal nature of their services means an increased risk of infection.

Stitt admits the virus is still a threat but says the state will follow a “data-driven approach.” Asked about his decision to allow hairdressers to reopen, he claimed things are different in Oklahoma.


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