Governor Eyes “Criminal” Budget Move

Governor Eyes

( – California’s Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom, has a new idea to improve his state’s perennial budget problems. He wants to “reduce the state’s prison population” – Dem code for letting criminals out of jail before they’ve served their full sentences. What Newsom’s forgetting is California law enforcement is already buckling under the strain of criminals released because of the Wuhan virus pandemic. He seems to have overlooked this in his desperation to balance the budget.

Newsom wants to close 2 of the state’s 34 prisons by 2022. He says this will save around $400 million annually. He’s also considering eventually shutting down all 3 juvenile prisons. His other suggestions including reducing the maximum parole term from 5 to 2 years for convicted felons, and ending the supervision of former inmates 12 to 18 months after their release. The plans are loudly supported by “prison reformers,” but county officials and pro-justice campaigners aren’t so keen.

Christine Ward, director of the Crime Victims Alliance, says there’s a danger of the state being overwhelmed. “We’re talking about the most serious and violent felons in our state,” she said. “That’s what’s left in our prisons.”

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