Governor Bans Meat – Voters Plan BBQ

Governor Bans Meat - Voters Plan BBQ

( – Colorado’s governor caused outrage last month when he proclaimed March 20 as “MeatOut Day” – despite beef ranching being the state’s second-largest industry. However, ranchers hit back last week, urging Coloradans to enjoy quality meat-based meals.

Colorado is rightly proud of its cattle farmers, whose herds have over 2.5 million head and produce some of the world’s finest beef. Unfortunately, there’s one prominent resident of the Centennial State who tries to sabotage the $1 billion cattle industry every chance he gets – and, even worse, it’s Governor Jared Polis (D).

On February 26, Polis, whose partner is a vegan animal rights activist, designated March 20 as a meat-free day. The state senate erupted, with multiple senators condemning the move, but Polis refused to back down. However, ordinary Coloradans took a more practical approach – they simply organized a state-wide grill party to show their feelings.

The campaign started with the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, which put out a handy guide to the state’s best steakhouses. State Representative Lauren Boebert (R) backed them up, calling for “a statewide BBQ,” while Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (R) designated Saturday as “Meat on the Menu Day.” Meanwhile, The Federalist Papers labeled Polis as “All sizzle and no steak.” The hapless governor, who symbolizes the disconnect between urban Leftists and rural Americans, might have cooked his own goose with voters over this issue.

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