GOP’s Improvement Plan for Obamacare

GOP's Improvement Plan for Obamacare

A Republican-created and supported healthcare system has been sorely needed since Obama’s devastating Affordable Care Act. Nicknamed Obamacare, it was arguably the most impressive policy that Obama jammed down our throats during his eight years as president. Yet, while his policy was originally intended to be a bandage for hard-working Americans, it turned into a nightmare piece of legislation that raised insurance costs across the board.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson (R-LA) believes that winning on healthcare will secure the entirety of Congress and the presidency in 2020 for his fellow Republicans. So, the RSC has revealed some details about the first part of their plan to overhaul America’s healthcare insurance system.

Ultimately, it will give states the right to choose their coverage options while ensuring that people with pre-existing conditions aren’t turned away. The legislation would accomplish this by reallocating current Obamacare funds to programs that are more effective financially and provide better, more personalized coverage. It truly sounds like a win-win scenario for everyone.

Further details will be announced soon, and we’ll keep you updated.

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