GOP to Call Schiff as Impeachment Witness

GOP to Call Schiff as Impeachment Witness

The impeachment process will move into its next phase when Congress returns from the Thanksgiving break — and that’s likely to be uncomfortable for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Congressman Schiff has been the driving force behind the first stage of impeachment, but now it looks like he’ll have to quit playing ringmaster and get on the high wire.

Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) says he’s ready for his committee to play its role when it comes to the impeachment process, and the main witness he plans to call is Adam Schiff. Describing Schiff as the GOP’s “first and foremost witness” Collins said that if the Democrat “doesn’t make himself available for questioning, it will reflect poorly” on the credibility of the process so far.

In fact, there are already serious questions about Schiff’s credibility, since we now know that the “whistleblower” behind the Ukraine allegations spoke to Schiff’s committee before submitting his complaint against the president. This impeachment has never been about justice; it’s a politically-motivated attempt to unseat an elected president. That’s likely to be revealed for all to see once Schiff comes under the spotlight — if he’s willing to testify.

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