GOP Rebukes Bigotry

GOP Revokes Support

( – California’s 10th Congressional District has become a new hotbed of controversy. Two opponents are going head to head; Ted Howze (R) decided to take on incumbent Rep. Josh Harder (D). Howze took on the fight with backing from the GOP. But after some of his unsavory social media posts were unveiled, the GOP has reconsidered.

Even a quick glance through these posts shows how Howze crossed the line. As a result, the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) “Young Guns” project revoked its endorsement of Howze. Young Guns is a site that promotes congressional candidates who wish to take on Democratic incumbents and help restore balance in America. Even House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) endorsed Howze before condemning him for this bigoted behavior.

Racism and bigotry are two things that the NRCC won’t tolerate. If Republicans are to take back the House and ensure that there is adequate balance within our political systems, they must stand for principled beliefs. This event shows that the Republican party is one that stands up for its values because that’s how we keep America great.

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