GOP Paves Way to Retire Pelosi in 2022

GOP Paves Way to Retire Pelosi in 2022

( – Currently 80 years old, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wields her gavel and works to usher in far-left Democratic policies. She also indicated that this might be her last term in November 2020. So, the GOP intends to give her a good reason to follow through on her retirement plans.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) laid out a strategy that may be the winning formula in a memo on Wednesday, February 10.

Last year, Republicans were projected to lose between 15 and 20 seats. Instead, the Grand Old Party didn’t lose a single one and flipped 15 Democratic seats to the Right side. Immediately after the election, several moderate Democrats complained that socialism and defunding the police were the reason numerous moderates lost to conservative Republicans. Plus, they barely won their own re-elections. Many moderates fear if the Democratic Party continues its shift left, they’re next on the chopping block.

History Suggests Problems Coming for House Democrats

It appears the national Democratic Party is not heeding the concerns of moderates who are in tune with their districts. Democrats fully control the federal government, although with razor-thin margins. When Pelosi was Speaker in 2010, she went big and bold with ObamaCare. It passed on a party-line vote in both chambers without a single Republican vote. It led to the rise of the Tea Party and new conservative activism.

In 2012, the House flipped to Republicans with historic numbers of GOP members defeating Democrats. It was the largest GOP majority since 1949.

Could it happen again?

National Republican Congressional Committee Targets 47 Vulnerable Democrats

The NRCC looked closely at the 2020 election results. Despite former President Donald Trump falling short in the Electoral College, Republicans came out strong. Heading into the 2022 election, the NRCC identified the following:

  • There are 29 battleground districts, including 7 President Joe Biden lost or the margin was within 5% for the Congressional candidate or Biden.
  • Democrats did worse than expected with 8 of them who won by less than 10% and underperformed the presidential ballot margin.
  • Redistricting is underway across America, and 10 Democratic seats are being watched closely in states changing due to reapportionment.

According to the memo, NRCC polling from 2020 shows Democrats hold a one-point advantage on a generic ballot. Undecided voters lean Republican by three points.

So, yes! It’s possible that the GOP will retire Pelosi once and for all and take back the House with substantial numbers. Especially if moderate Democrats don’t serve as a check on their leftist colleagues, which it appears at this point they’re not doing.

However, in politics, no one should take anything for granted.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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