GOP House Members Call on Senate to Stop Biden Nominee

GOP House Members Call on Senate to Stop Biden Nominee

( – Another of President Biden’s nominees has run into trouble in Congress as dozens of Republican representatives urge the Senate to oppose his confirmation.

In April, Biden nominated controversial gun control activist David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). This move sparked immediate condemnation from supporters of the Second Amendment, who pointed to Chipman’s history of pushing extreme anti-gun policies and his willingness to lie to do it.

For example, last year, Chipman argued for a ban on .50 caliber rifles by saying the Branch Davidians had used them to shoot down two National Guard helicopters during the bungled 1993 Waco siege. The problem is this never happened – and Chipman, who played a role in the siege as an ATF agent, knew it.

Now, Chipman is a paid adviser for Giffords, an anti-gun nonprofit. On May 3, the House Republican Study Committee sent a letter signed by 69 GOP representatives to the Senate majority and minority leaders arguing that such a partisan appointee would endanger the constitutional rights of gun owners. The White House claims Chipman will respect the Second Amendment if he’s confirmed – but his track record says differently.

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