GOP Holding $53 Million for TV Ad Spend on Senate Races

GOP Holding $53 Million for TV Ad Spend on Senate Races

$53 MILLION Buy-in – A Powerful New GOP Ploy

( – Over the last few decades, a pattern emerged in midterm elections, and a new tradition in American politics developed. It’s become safe to bet that if the president’s party controlled Washington, it would lose its status in the president’s first term. Under Clinton, Obama, and Trump, the president’s party lost control of at least one chamber in Congress. The only exception occurred in 2002 when Republicans picked up seats under President George W. Bush.

Political analysts across the partisan divide don’t expect 2022 to look like 2002 for Democrats. Just a few months ago, an NBC News poll said Democrats were headed for a shellacking as President Joe Biden’s approval rating sits at historic lows. In the US Senate, Republicans are preparing to target four Democratic Senators in massive ad spending in hopes of flipping the evenly divided chamber and taking back control from Democrats.

GOP Prepares Massive Ad Spend to Unseat Four Democrats

In the evenly divided Senate, Republicans only need to pick up a net of one seat to take control of the upper chamber. Doing so would kill Bill Biden’s extreme legislative agenda that America lived through in 2021. Fortunately for Conservatives, the Democratic agenda was so radical, the Left failed to garner the support of one or two Senate Democrats, which is all it took to kill the initial $3.5 trillion Build Back Better proposal that would have upended our economy, society, and government.

Recently, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) announced it intends to target four vulnerable Democrats. The Hill reported the NRSC would reserve television air time with a $53 million ad spend from now to election day. The months leading up to election day, after Labor Day, are traditionally the most expensive ad season. To put this in context, the money the NRSC will spend is above any money that individual campaigns or political actions committees (PACs) will spend.

The NRSC will spend the following attacking vulnerable Democrats:

  • $9.5 million to defeat Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA)
  • $9 million targeting Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH)
  • $8 million to blast Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ)
  • $3 million against Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NM)

Things Are Not Looking Good for Democrats Six Months Ahead of the Election

Generic polls are a disaster for Democrats. In June 2021, the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics released an analysis that showed election results going back to 1946. On average, the president’s party lost three Senate seats in midterm elections.

On Thursday, May 12, Monmouth released a new poll. President Biden’s approval rating is still an abysmal 38%, and only 18% of Americans say the country is on the right track. The poll also considered the abortion issue, and 25% said it was their top concern. What the poll didn’t say was what percentage of abortion voters are pro-life versus pro-choice. In 2020, Gallup said 30% of pro-life voters versus 19% of pro-choice voters say they vote primarily on that issue.

As Democrats try to make hay of a potential Supreme Court decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade, it may not be the defining issue in November that helps them keep their Senate majority if inflation is still running rampant.

Stay tuned.

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