GOP Governor Requests “Aggressive” Bans

GOP Governor Requests

( – Since the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) made abortion legal in America through Roe v. Wade in 1973, many Conservatives have pushed for an outright ban. In June 2022, the high court overturned Roe and sent it back to the states. Since then, Republicans have had mixed results as the issue contributed to their underperformance in the midterm elections. Still, some states have enacted various degrees of control on abortion ranging from strong bans to more moderate rules on the practice.

For some Conservatives, abortion is still a litmus test for Republican candidates. For decades, they pushed for a constitutional provision that would outright ban it. In addition, they’ve also advocated for judges and SCOTUS justices who would restrict abortion and supported political candidates promising to vote against funding organizations such as Planned Parenthood. In the wake of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision, one GOP governor is requesting other states follow her aggressive ban on the controversial procedure.

Noem Pushes Other States to Follow South Dakota’s Lead

South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem is pushing other GOP governors to follow her lead. Her state is one of several that passed trigger laws making abortion nearly illegal ahead of the SCOTUS ruling that made it a state issue. Noem stated she hopes other states will make it almost impossible for a woman to get the procedure unless her life is in danger.

Recently, the popular governor said she hopes other states will take similar action. Noem claimed her state is “leading the way” to protect babies’ lives and urged others should do the same. She added she was proud of how South Dakota aggressively pursued policies that saved every precious life and said they would continue to lead the way.

Noem stated she would prod Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and others to pursue strong measures that would “back up their pro-life record.” Talking and making statements, she said, was vital. Still, more critical is governing and protecting life.

Abortion Likely to Continue as Hot Topic Heading Into 2024 Presidential Election

This fall, the presidential primary season will kick off ahead of voters in states casting ballots for their selection starting in early February 2024. Abortion is sure to be among the top issues. While numerous states have adopted restrictive laws with voters’ support, others are more politically tenuous.

DeSantis and Noem could be top-tier GOP candidates seeking to knock off former President Donald Trump. Now that Conservatives have achieved the goal of establishing abortion as a state issue instead of a federal one, the pro-life movement is rapidly changing as it loses its decentralized emphasis.

Each state is different. Some are very conservative, and others are more moderate. Some lean to the left, and others are far left. Still, it’s unclear if other conservative governors will go as far as Noem would want them to. Either way, it could make for an interesting Republican primary season ahead of the 2024 elections.

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