GOP Candidate Denied Entry to Televised Debate

GOP Candidate Denied Entry to Televised Debate

GOP Candidate DENIED ENTRY – Complaint Filed!

( – Draconian COVID-19 restrictions continue upending daily life in Florida, despite Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ efforts to minimize the pandemic’s impact on his constituents. Most recently, a local television station denied a GOP candidate entry to a televised debate.

On September 15, Benjamin Gibson, an attorney for the Florida GOP, filed a complaint with the state’s health department. This came after NBC affiliate WESH-2 refused to allow District 9 candidate Scotty Moore (R) entry to its television studio to debate his Democratic opponent after he confirmed he wasn’t fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in a questionnaire. Network officials also denied access to one of his staff members.

Gibson’s complaint alleged that the form violated section 381.00316 of Florida’s public health statutes which bars businesses from requiring patrons to “provide any documentation certifying COVID-19 vaccination.”

Gibson asked for the Florida Department of Health to fine WESH-2 and its parent company, Hearst Television, $5,000 for each violation. He also requested an investigation into the incident and filed a copy of his complaint with the Florida attorney general.

WESH-2 confirmed that the basic elements of the Florida GOP’s complaint were true. In a previous statement, it said it canceled the debate after learning “Moore and some members of his campaign did not meet” the vaccination requirement.

The station offered to host a virtual debate at a later date, which Moore declined while his Democratic opponent, Rep. Darren Soto (D-FL), accepted.

It will be interesting to see if Moore’s complaint prevails as it progresses through the next hoops in the health department’s legal system. We’ll be staying tuned.

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