GOP Already Eying Potential VP Candidates for Trump

GOP Already Eying Potential VP Candidates for Trump

( – Donald Trump shocked the world when he won the presidency in 2016 by knocking off President Barack Obama’s heir apparent, Hillary Clinton. During President Trump’s term, the Democrats began to weaponize the legal system with two sham impeachments and now, more recently, with a politically motivated indictment of former President Trump by New York County (Manhattan) Prosecutor Alvin Bragg.

However, every time they instigate a failed attempt against him, it galvanizes his supporters even more, and with the race for president in 2024 quickly approaching, speculation has started on who he might choose to be his running mate for his announced candidacy.

Rising Star

One politician who has been making a name for herself is Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who was first elected to her office in 2014 at only 30 years old, making her the youngest person ever to win a seat in the House of Representatives at that time. Having proved her conservative ideals, she is now the chair of the House Republican Conference which makes her the third-ranking party member in the chamber.

Stefanik issued a press release on March 23 that summarized an interview she had with Kimberly Guilfoyle, where she makes her opinion clear on the continued attacks against Trump. She also makes it crystal clear that she believes President Joe Biden and his family, and the direction the Democrats are taking, are dragging down the country. She is also one of the House Republicans who believe that DA Bragg needs to be questioned under oath for what she considers “the breakdown of equal justice under the law.”

The Congresswoman pulled no punches when it came to her thoughts on the current president. She said the American people need to know the truth, which is that “Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family are compromised.” She is a member of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, which is tasked with trying to uncover just how badly the Liberal agenda has undermined the integrity of entities like the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI.

Other Contenders

Two other women besides Stefanik have apparently been trying to position themselves as potential VP candidates who would then likely become the Republicans’ go-to presidential candidate in 2028. One is Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a.k.a. MTG (R-GA), who was mentioned by one of Trump’s former aides, Steve Bannon, as well as an unnamed source who said that her “whole vision is to be vice president,” according to NBC News.

In Arizona, Kari Lake lost the contentious gubernatorial race in 2022 by a very slim margin, and according to the news outlet Axios, multiple anonymous sources told them that she is a possible choice to fill out the ticket. In real terms, November 2024 is a long way off, and many things can happen in the meantime. But in the world of American politics, it is nearly upon us because so many pieces need to be in place soon.

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