Google Quietly Blacklisted RSBN Ahead of Trump’s Arrest

Google Quietly Blacklisted RSBN Ahead of Trump's Arrest

( – It looks like liberal tech companies are still trying to censor the right-wing media. One streaming news company planned to show live coverage of former president Donald Trump’s indictment last week — but hours before Trump handed himself over for arraignment, Google shut down their YouTube account.

Since 2015, Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) has been a reliable source of live-streamed videos featuring Donald Trump. The network began by covering his rallies and showing them live through its YouTube channel; Trump himself has collaborated with the group. When it emerged that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg planned to indict Trump on April 4, RSBN said it would cover the event live.

However, Google had other ideas. The media giant, which owns YouTube, is notorious for its liberal bias and willingness to censor conservatives. On April 3, it suspended RSBN’s YouTube channel for a week, blocking them from releasing any new videos or streams, and sent the network a notice explaining the ban. According to the message, the suspension was imposed because RSBN had violated its “elections misinformation” policy.

YouTube cited several claims made by Trump and shown in videos on the RSBN channel that allegedly broke their rules. These include references to the 2020 presidential election being stolen. Google also claims, ironically, that RSBN doesn’t give “countervailing views” to oppose Trump’s claims. The videos have been removed from the channel.

In a statement, RSBN said YouTube has also awarded them a “strike,” which could lead to a permanent ban if they’re hit with more rule violations in the future. The network slammed Google’s “Orwellian” censorship policies and turned the tech firm’s own arguments back on it by pointing out that Google itself was now shutting down “countervailing views” to the mainstream media narrative.

On April 4, Breitbart News helped RSBN out by hosting their live stream as crowds gathered to await Trump’s indictment.

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