Google Leaks Map Info on Freedom Convoy Donors

Google Leaks Map Info on Freedom Convoy Donors

( – Controversy continues to surround Canada’s Freedom Convoy donors weeks after government officials froze their fundraising accounts. A recent report shed light on Google’s involvement in releasing information regarding their identities.

On Tuesday, February 22, Alberta4All posted screenshots of a Google Maps page containing pins identifying the locations of thousands of Freedom Convoy donors scattered throughout Ontario, Canada. Each pin also revealed the name, email address, donor ID, and the amount they donated to the convoy. As Alberta4All noted, the doxing of the donors on a Google Map was a “complete breach of privacy.”

Breitbart News reported it remains unclear who published the map or how they obtained the records from the convoy’s GiveSendGo fundraiser campaign. However, Breitbart did receive reports about a previous hack of the site that reportedly led to harassment of donors supporting the Freedom Convoy by journalists working for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and The Washington Post.

Anyone can set up a Google Map free of charge, complicating efforts to determine who published the webpage. But, is it too much to ask to expect a massive online giant like Google to implement measures to prevent nefarious actors from using its platform and services to dox individuals?

Perhaps it’s time to change currently accepted narratives regarding the Big Tech company. Maybe Google isn’t all-wise, all-knowing, or accurate? What do you think?

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