Google GREENLIGHTS Trump’s Platform

Google Gives Green Light to Donald Trump's Social Media Platform

Google Gives Green Light to Donald Trump’s Social Media Platform

( – Former President Donald Trump’s personal social media platform got a boost last week after Google finally approved it for the Play Store. The web giant had held up approval for months in a dispute over policies, making it harder for users to install the platform’s app. Now that obstacle has been removed.

Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) launched its Truth Social messaging platform in February. Since then it’s been downloaded by millions of people and is the 25th-ranked social media platform in Apple’s App Store; in April, it had more downloads than Twitter and TikTok combined. However, Android phone users weren’t able to download it through the app store because Google refused to approve it.

Google’s excuse for blocking the Truth Social app was that, according to them, it didn’t have strong enough content moderation plans. Trump’s whole reason for setting up Truth Social was to create an uncensored social media platform that was open to all opinions. Google wanted assurances that the platform wouldn’t allow content that contained physical threats or incitement to violence.

Now, the standoff has been resolved. On October 12, TMTG announced that the Truth Social app is now available on the Google Store. CEO Devin Nunes thanked the tech giant for helping “to finally bring Truth Social to all Americans” and called it a “significant milestone” towards restoring free speech on the internet. Now Trump’s platform has the chance to really grow.

Android and other Google users can download the Truth Social app here.

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