Globalist Monument Reportedly Destroyed for Safety Reasons After Bomb Attack

Globalist Monument Reportedly Destroyed for Safety Reasons After Bomb Attack

Iconic Monument DESTROYED For “Safety Reasons”

( – A controversial monument has been demolished “for safety reasons” after being badly damaged in an apparent terrorist bombing. The Georgia Guidestones have sparked several conspiracy theories since the structure was built in 1980. Now, cops are looking for the terrorist that blew them up — but some people approve of the attack.

In 1979, an anonymous group, fronted by a man using the pseudonym RC Christian, bought a 5-acre lot from a farmer in Elbert County, GA. The next year, they built a 19-foot-high monument made of five slabs of granite, covered in inscriptions — and it was those inscriptions that got conspiracy theorists talking. The slabs carried instructions in eight different languages, including Swahili and Hebrew, on how to rebuild society after a massive catastrophe, including the advice to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

The Guidestones were painted with anti-globalist graffiti in 2008, then vandalized again in 2014. Security cameras were installed to deter more attacks — but around 4 a.m. on July 6, those cameras recorded a devastating explosion, followed by a silver-colored car driving away from the site.

When police reached the scene, they found the explosion had destroyed one of the four vertical “wings” that held up the top slab. State authorities quickly decided to demolish the rest of it, claiming it was for “safety reasons.”

State prosecutor Parks White called the bombing “domestic terrorism,” while unsuccessful 2022 gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor — who pledged to demolish the monument if elected, and tweeted on Wednesday that God had destroyed the “satanic” monument — said the perpetrator of the attack “should be brought to justice.” The Georgia Bureau of Investigation hopes the surveillance video will let them do just that.

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