Gillibrand’s Privacy Protection Plans

Gillibrand's Governmental Privacy Protections

( – New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is, apparently, trying to fight for internet privacy protections. She has introduced a new bill that would create a federal agency to enforce the protection of consumer privacy on the internet. In a recent post, she outlined the proposal and the underlying principles.

As this Twitter user points out, part of the problem of internet privacy rights is the fact that Obama-era Democrats enabled tech giants like Google to capitalize on the public’s digital information.

So, it’s unsure if Gillibrand’s intentions to protect our data are sincere. According to the bill, the Senate would confirm a Director appointed by the President to watch over the new agency for five years. To ensure fairness, the President would have the power to remove this individual if they fail to live up to their duties.

What do you think about this new attempt to protect our digital data?

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