Gidley Praises GOP for Targeting Harris

( – With many Americans concerned about President Biden’s age and health, and wondering if he could make it through a second term in the White House, Republicans are starting to point out the danger if he doesn’t — Vice President Kamala Harris. Now, a former Trump staffer says that’s a smart move from the GOP. Ex-White House press officer Hogan Gidley is warning that if Biden wins again, Harris is likely to take over before his four years are up. He thinks Republicans are wise to remind voters of that.

Talking to Newsmax on August 7, Gidley, who served as White House deputy press secretary from 2019-20, said GOP presidential hopefuls who point at Harris as a danger are making a “good move.” He said we can all see how Biden is deteriorating both physically and mentally and warned that Harris is “one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.” He added that the vice president isn’t even popular with her fellow Democrats, and has openly called Biden a segregationist and a sex criminal, so “she’s no friend… to the Bidens.”

Harris currently has an approval rating of -13%, and it’s been in negative territory for a very long time — since June 2021, in fact, just months after she took office. She’s unpopular with Conservatives for her far-left political beliefs, but she isn’t loved by many Liberals either. Her failure to secure our southern border, despite having been given the job in the first weeks of the current administration, isn’t winning her support.

If Republicans can highlight her poor record and convince Americans that a vote for a second Biden term means a very high chance of getting President Harris instead, that could do the incumbent serious damage in next year’s presidential election. Gidley is predicting that, as the campaign gathers pace, Harris will be heavily targeted as the unpopular chink in Biden’s armor.

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