Ghislaine Maxwell Says Epstein Was Murdered

Ghislaine Maxwell Says Epstein Was Murdered

( – Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has given her first interview from prison to a British TV show, and it aired on Monday, January 23. What she said — and what she left out — have sparked a storm of online comments and criticism, but she also made some serious allegations. The biggest of those is her claim that notorious abuser Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide in his Manhattan jail cell; Maxwell says he was murdered.

Early on August 10, 2019, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died in his cell at NYC’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. The medical examiner ruled it a case of suicide by hanging, but Epstein’s lawyers — and many others — had doubts. It’s not hard to see why; three separate layers of security, designed to make sure he had no chance to commit suicide, all broke down at the same time. The night before his death, Epstein’s cellmate was transferred, leaving him alone in his cell. The two guards on the wing ignored orders to check his cell every 30 minutes. Of the three cameras that overlooked his cell, two malfunctioned during the night and footage from the third was “unusable.”

For many people, the failure of all these precautions on the night he died was too much of a coincidence to swallow. Now Maxwell’s interview on the Jeremy Kyle Show, which was broadcast on January 23, has poured gas on the flames. According to the 61-year-old former socialite, Epstein was murdered — and she claims prison officials “allowed” it to happen.

Because she was one of the people closest to Epstein before his arrest, her claims will be eagerly seized on by conspiracy theorists who already believe something sinister happened on the day he died. Of course Maxwell wasn’t there at the time, so she doesn’t have any hard evidence to support the murder theory. However, given the various so-called coincidences, it will be no surprise if many people see her words as validating their own doubts about the official suicide version.

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