Germany’s Power Grid Could Collapse With Sudden Demand for Electric Heaters

Germany's Power Grid Could Collapse With Sudden Demand for Electric Heaters

Power Grid EMERGENCY – Total Collapse Coming?

( – Germans are already worried that their country could run out of gas this winter. Now it turns out there’s even more bad news. Their electricity infrastructure might not be able to stand the strain, either.

As former President Donald Trump predicted back in 2018, it appears one of former Chancellor Angela Merkel’s biggest mistakes was to let Germany become almost completely dependent on Russian gas. Now, with Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly slashing supplies through the Nord Stream pipeline in retaliation for Western sanctions, the EU’s industrial powerhouse is in real trouble. Utility bills are soaring, and with just three months’ supply in reserve, factories face the threat of energy rationing.

German winters can be cold, and worried citizens have been making alternative plans in case gas supplies run out. Firewood and the stoves to burn it are selling out. Now, people are buying electric heaters in huge numbers — sales are 35% higher than normal — in case they’re out of stock when the weather starts cooling. However, power firm boss Peter Lautz is warning that if thousands of extra heaters get switched on, the surge in demand could crash the power grid. Lautz claims that if every home switched on one heater, the power drain could almost double.

Germany’s energy market is in a deep hole thanks to Merkel’s short-sighted policies, and it doesn’t look like there’s any easy way out. The US is in a much better position right now, thanks to our high domestic gas production — but, if the Dems push more extreme green policies, our turn could come.

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