Germany Is Rationing Hot Water

Germany Is Rationing Hot Water

WARNING – This Country Is Rationing Hot Water

( – Russia and Ukraine aren’t the only countries to suffer harm from the ongoing armed conflict between the two nations. Supply-chain issues related to sanctions imposed on Russia by Western allies recently led Germany to announce that it could start rationing hot water in the fall.

On Saturday, July 2, Germany’s state-owned media broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, reported that Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) head Klaus Müller told one of the country’s largest media companies that Russian energy companies could use upcoming scheduled maintenance on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline as an excuse to halt natural gas exports to Germany.

Müller warned that if Russia extended the July 11 to 21 maintenance period for political reasons, Germans should seriously consider ways to cut natural gas consumption nationwide. For instance, he suggested homeowners take advantage of the remaining 12 weeks of summer to start inspecting gas-operated boilers and heaters.

According to Müller, preventative maintenance checks could reduce gas consumption by as much as 10% to 15%. He also suggested people not wait until the last minute to perform those services.

However, Hamburg’s Environment Minister Jens Kerstan recently announced the government could start rationing private households’ use of hot water. According to him, if the country reached an acute gas shortage, hot water supplies might be limited to emergency use only during certain time frames.

Recent news reports out of Germany indicated that some landlords have already started rationing hot water in hopes of lowering costs and avoiding a crisis in the fall.

On a positive note, German officials don’t anticipate any shortages of oil or electricity. Additionally, Müller said other countries like Holland and Norway could help Germany offset reduced Russian natural gas exports should the need arise.

What do you think of supply-side shortages in the US? Are you concerned about keeping warm this winter?

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