Georgia Hand Recount Confirmed – It’s Happening (REPORT)

Georgia Hand Recount Confirmed - It's Happening

( – On November 11, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) ordered a full hand recount of the state’s presidential election ballots, saying it would “help build confidence” in the result. The move follows pressure from fellow Republicans over how Raffensperger has managed the election – and, if this recount doesn’t satisfy his critics, President Trump can still demand another.

After widespread allegations of voter fraud in Georgia, and with Joe Biden holding an unexpected but wafer-thin lead there, GOP Senators Kelly Loeffler (R) and David Perdue (R) both urged Raffensperger to resign. So far, he’s refused, but by ordering the recount he’s at least trying to make sure Georgia voters get an election result they can trust.

All of Georgia’s precincts have now reported, although some votes still haven’t been counted, and Biden has a lead of just 0.28% – well within the 1% margin that lets the president call for a recount. With a deadline of November 20 for the result to be certified, Raffensperger has just eight days to organize a full audit, by hand, of five million votes that could help President Trump win a second term.

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