Gender Clinic for Children Promises Giant Overhaul After Getting Busted

Gender Clinic for Children Promises Giant Overhaul After Getting Busted

( – The people who adhere to the Socialist and/or Communist ideologies have proven themselves adept at trying to control their citizens in every country that has moved in that direction. In the United States, Democrats are quick to deny this type of motivation and will look critics straight in the eye and tell them there is no hidden agenda to be worried about. Why then do they seem to get caught up in hiding their nefarious activities from the public eye, only to eventually utter a mea culpa or two and promise it won’t happen again? Well, it’s happened again, and it involves keeping parents out of the loop about life-altering changes for their children.

Another Whistleblower

A woman by the name of Jamie Reed authored a piece for The Free Press, where she describes herself as “a queer woman, and politically to the left of Bernie Sanders.” In 2018 she took a position at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where she worked for four years as a case manager. In what is essentially her written testimony, she tells a story that can be more frightening than any novel by Steven King or R.L. Stine, — consider this your warning about its potentially disturbing content.

The medical center claims that on the day Reed’s article was published, they “immediately initiated a comprehensive analysis of procedures… [and] created an Oversight Committee charged with weekly review of Center activities.” The University published a four-page summary of its conclusions that unsurprisingly found no liability on its part but did find several areas that it promised to change in the near future. Of course, there’s no way to peek and see if they have their fingers crossed behind their backs. But they really, really promised to take care of it, and they have no reason to lie, or do they?

Reed’s public declaration prompted Missouri Attorney General (AG) Andrew Bailey to open a “multi-agency investigation into [the center] for harming hundreds of children,” according to a press release from the office. Reed’s 23-page affidavit can be read here.

Both Reed’s article and her affidavit are peppered with allegations of doctors and staff at the medical clinic continually prescribing dangerous cross-sex hormones even after parents had rescinded their consent. She described children who suffered permanent multiple life-altering side effects under potentially deadly medical conditions. In her sworn testimony to the AG, Reed claims these conditions included autism, PTSD, and serious eating disorders, amongst others, that were routinely ignored and left untreated in favor of puberty blockers and sex change prescriptions.

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