Gavin Newsom’s New Order Is Being Declared a “Death Wish”

Gavin Newsom's New Order Is Being Declared A

( – California’s Democratic governor Gavin Newsom has driven across Californians’ way of life with a vengeance. His response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been anything but admirable, as evidenced by the state’s rising number of infections accompanied by repressive restrictions and mandates.

At the same time, Newsom seems content to throw another wrench into the state’s economy, apparently for the benefit of the nation’s homeless.

In July, Newsom signed a $12 billion funding package supposedly to tackle homelessness. However, what it actually appears to be is bait for down-and-out individuals nationwide to move to California. The package includes nearly $6 billion to erect more than 42,000 bright, shiny housing units for displaced people.

The package also included taxpayer funding for housing options for “people with severe mental health challenges.”

Critics worry the bill will prompt a flood of homeless people into the state (on top of those already pouring across the southern border thanks to President Joe Biden).

Those fears appear well-founded, considering Newsom’s response when asked about the possibility. He responded, “part of the California dream” was providing for people of “all income levels” looking for a fresh start.

Kevin Faulconer, a noted California Republican hoping to dethrone Newsom during September’s recall election, expressed sheer amazement at Newsom’s reply. Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva echoed that sentiment, adding that openly inviting the nation’s homeless to the state amounted to “a death wish.”

Hopefully, that sentiment carries over to the recall election, and Californians put an end to Newsom’s tyrannical reign.

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