Gabbard Blasts CNN, NYT For Questioning Her Loyalty

Gabbard Blasts CNN, NYT For Questioning Her Loyalty

The infighting on the American left took another crazed twist last week when it emerged that staff at the notoriously liberal CNN had criticized a Democrat presidential wannabe. According to an unnamed CNN employee, people at the network called Tulsi Gabbard a “traitor” — because she agrees with the Trump administration’s policy on Syria. It seems that Gabbard, an Iraq veteran who holds the rank of major in the Hawaii Army National Guard, doesn’t like being accused of treason by Liberal journalists. Now she knows how the rest of us feel.


Covert video shot inside CNN headquarters released on Monday shows a network employee revealing that Gabbard’s foreign policy views had made her unpopular with CNN’s management.

  • Most Democrats will instinctively oppose anything President Trump does simply because he’s the one doing it. That’s even extended to his recent decision to pull out most of the US troops in Syria. Dems might say they don’t like wars (although the records of Bill Clinton and Obama say otherwise) but will they support Trump when he pulls the US out of one? No chance.
  • However, Gabbard’s own military experience has given her a different view on the issue. She says she’s not a pacifist — and a 16-year career in the National Guard tends to back that up — but she’s openly opposed to what she calls “counterproductive regime change wars.”
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  • Gabbard spoke to Tucker Carlson about the leaked CNN footage on Wednesday. Carlson asked if she was surprised that she was the one Democrat candidate CNN disliked, just because she took what he called an “unconventional” foreign policy position. Not at all, said Gabbard.
  • The congresswoman pointed out that both CNN and the New York Times had run hit pieces on her in the days leading up to the latest Democrat debate.
  • Carlson then clarified that he wasn’t talking about a mere disagreement between CNN and Gabbard over whether a policy was right or not; “They are saying that you are working for a foreign power against America’s interests, that you are a traitor to the country. The New York Times piece essentially said that. What is this about?”
  • Gabbard said that when networks called her a traitor they were saying the same about many other veterans who also oppose pointless wars. As she pointed out, soldiers know the cost of war better than anyone else, and they tend not to be gung-ho about playing world policemen or trying to impose regime change in countries that don’t want it.
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  • Tulsi Gabbard might be an ultra-liberal Democrat, but on this issue, she has a lot in common with other veterans and serving the military — and, ironically, with President Trump.

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