Fox News Institutes Outrageous New Rules for Employees

Fox News Institutes Outrageous New Rules for Employees

( – New York’s Democratic mayor, Bill de Blasio, has taken an overly aggressive approach to coronavirus-based restrictions. Most recently, he issued an executive order requiring proof of vaccination for continued employment for in-person workers.

On December 15, de Blasio issued Emergency Executive Order No. 317, informally known as “The Key to NYC.” The order directs all New York City employers to require all in-person workers to provide proof of at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by December 27.

The order also requires employers to maintain a record of proof of vaccination for all workers. Additionally, it doesn’t offer COVID-19 testing as an alternative to submitting proof of immunization.

As a result of this order, Fox News recently sent an email to its New York City workers advising it had to implement outrageous new rules to avoid costly fines and penalties for non-compliance with de Blasio’s legally questionable executive order. Sadly, Fox’s program follows the mayor’s directive to the letter, offering no religious or pre-existing conditions exemptions to workers.

Since de Blasio’s mandate refused to accept alternatives to vaccination, like special accommodations or negative COVID tests, this new program seems to be about power and control and appears to have nothing to do with health.

Unfortunately, bad policy is infectious, and Boston’s Democratic mayor, Michelle Wu, decided to implement a similar vaccine mandate effective on January 15.

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