Fox News Hit With Major Fine After Workplace Issue Found

Fox News Hit With Major Fine After Workplace Issue Found

( – Fox News has had a rocky history when it comes to issues surrounding its workplace environment. The New York City Commission on Human Rights began investigating the network in 2016 after several female employees lodged sexual misconduct complaints against then-CEO Roger Ailes.

He left the network shortly after the complaints appeared and died the following year. Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against Ailes, eventually settling out of court for $20 million.

The Daily Beast reported on June 29 that Fox News effectively admitted to condoning a pattern of willful misconduct. The network agreed to pay a $1 million fine last week for behavior described by the Commission as constituting an ongoing pattern of “violating the New York City Human Rights Law.” Gretchen Carlson posted a link to the Daily Beast article on her Twitter account earlier this week.

The settlement between Fox and New York’s Human Rights Commission was the first of its kind entered into between a civil rights enforcement agency and a major news organization. It was also the largest settlement to date entered into under New York’s Human Rights Law.

Hopefully, this steep settlement will help motivate Fox News to get its house in order and serve as an example to other organizations combating similar workplace issues.

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