Former Victoria’s Secret CEO Allegedly Had Ties to Epstein

( – The latest batch of Jeffrey Epstein documents has thrown up new allegations against people linked to the disgraced sex trafficker. One of them is billionaire Lex Wexner, a major client of Epstein’s financial management business and the former owner of Victoria’s Secret. Epstein’s best-known victim claims she had sex with him “several times” as a teenager.

On January 3, hundreds of documents from the trial of Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell were unsealed. One of them contains a claim by Virginia Giuffre that she had sex with Wexner more than three times and possibly more than five. Giuffre has made allegations against several prominent men, most notoriously Prince Andrew; many of these were made during Maxwell’s trial and have just been revealed.

According to Giuffre, her intimate meetings with Wexner were arranged by Maxwell, and Wexner hadn’t requested them. Giuffre also said Maxwell had provided her with lingerie for the meetings; Maxwell denies this. So far, Wexner hasn’t made any statement about the allegations, but there’s no doubt he had a business relationship with Epstein. In fact, in 1991, he gave Epstein power of attorney, allowing the financier to manage his fortune and make property deals on his behalf. However, a spokeswoman for Wexner’s company, L Brands, told the New York Times Epstein was never employed by, or made an authorized representative of, the company.

While Epstein abused many girls, some as young as 14, Giuffre is a central figure in the scandal. She was recruited as a masseuse by Maxwell and became one of the girls who regularly gave him erotic “massages,” but she’s also been accused of recruiting more girls for sex with Epstein and other men. At one point, Giuffre claimed to have seen former president Bill Clinton with two young girls at Epstein’s private island but later withdrew that allegation. She also claimed Epstein trafficked her to lawyer Alan Dershowitz at least six times; Dershowitz denied the claims, and Giuffre withdrew them, saying she “may have made a mistake.” Wexner’s name has come up before, but so far, Giuffre hasn’t sued him for damages as she did with Prince Andrew and tried to do with Dershowitz.

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