Former James Comey Official to Plead Guilty in FBI Probe

Former James Comey Official to Plead Guilty in FBI Probe

( – Progressive Liberals make no secret of their disdain for President Donald Trump. In fact, it almost seems like a sport with them to see who can shout it the loudest from the highest rooftop. Now, questionable actions have been revealed during the debacle of a trial of retired US Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. Recently uncovered documents implicate the highest echelons of the former administration — including the presumptive 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden — and might only be the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The First Domino

In the aftermath of the Mueller investigation and the failure of the attempted coup by the Democrats in the guise of an impeachment, the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, John Durham, was tasked to determine if any criminal charges are warranted arising out of that fiasco. As with any inquiry like this, the people running it start at the bottom and work their way up the food chain to see just how far the corruption went.

Enter Kevin Clinesmith, a former lawyer with the FBI who was part of the team that was “investigating” collusion between the Russians and President Trump’s campaign. He has stated his intention to plead guilty to altering an official CIA email in order to sway a FISA judge into renewing their ability to keep presidential aide Carter Page under surveillance.

Running Scared

Playing fast and loose with a person’s Constitutional rights to be free from unlawful intrusion and to due process of the law is no laughing matter. Especially when the cabal doing it may have included the president, vice president, director of the FBI, and national security advisor who are all sworn to uphold the law not circumvent it.

Now that the first confession is on the table, more may follow as prosecutors are always willing to trade a lesser sentence to a low-level operator for information on people higher up the chain of command. Naturally, the Left continues to present a moving target as to what may or may not be found, and even after something like this happens the response always seems to be “there’s nothing to see here folks!”

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