Former Intelligence Official Claims FBI “Didn’t Find What They Were Looking For”

Former Intelligence Official Claims FBI

Former Intelligence Official Claims FBI “Didn’t Find What They Were Looking For”

( – The media is full of speculation about what the FBI found during last month’s shocking raid on former President Donald Trump’s home. Now a senior intelligence veteran has revealed his own opinion. He thinks that whatever the agents found, it isn’t what they hoped for.

Appearing on “Jesse Watters Primetime” on September 7, former US Attorney and Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe reminded viewers of his own experience as a federal prosecutor and said, “Good prosecutors with good cases play it straight.” He went on to imply that the officials investigating Trump are playing games, such as hinting that they have intelligence that might not even exist. Ratcliffe believes the Justice Department’s opposition to the appointment of a special master to oversee the investigation is an indicator that “the government didn’t find what they were looking for.”

On September 5, a federal judge in Florida granted a request for a special master to be appointed to oversee the evidence — but that request didn’t come from the DOJ. It came from Trump. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said the ruling was “potentially explosive,” opening the possibility of an executive privilege claim that could end the whole investigation. Ratcliffe thinks the government has overshot and is trying to justify its actions; although he doesn’t have any hard evidence of that, his opinion is definitely worth considering.

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