Former CIA Agent Offers Mass Shooting Insights

Former CIA Agent Offers Solutions to Mass Shootings
Former CIA Agent Offers Solutions to Mass Shootings

Daniel Hoffman, representing himself as a former CIA agent, recently offered some insight as to how America can put more effort into ending these mass shootings… and it has very little to do with gun control. It doesn’t even have to do with armed guards.

In fact, Daniel suggests that focusing on armed guards is going in the wrong direction. Hoffman defers to “HUMINT” or “human intelligence,” speaking of the success various agencies have had using this method, including the CIA. HUMINT relies on organizations and individuals from spies to the average citizen to collect information and share it with those who can do something about it.

But Hoffman also outlines the difference in the challenges entities like the CIA face as compared to local law enforcement and how we might use them to identify and stop shooters before they go active. Here’s what to watch for…


  • Surveillance is the first step in planning an attack. Watch for someone who spends an unusual amount of time focused on a particular place or group of people.
  • People conducting surveillance might physically watch a specific building or group of people for an unnecessary amount of time.
  • Internet searches or in-person questions about a building, what goes on inside it, their security details and/or the people inside should raise red flags.
  • Social media posts that focus on groups of people or places are clear threats are an obvious indication that all is not well with the individual’s mindset. Even if they aren’t planning anything, ongoing focused rage is never a good sign. In the cases of some recent active shooters, their social media posts sometimes included outright threats toward the people they targeted.
  • Recent gun purchases for no obvious reason, coupled with any of the above details should serve as a warning. Buying a new rifle when hunting season starts isn’t a red flag, but buying other types of guns when expressing an unusual amount of interest or hate in a group or place is often the last step before conducting the attack.
  • Most importantly, society needs to stop being afraid to speak up or seeing authority as the enemy when it comes to saving lives. Local authorities can’t very well track everyone’s actions, but individuals who notice strange behavior are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the local police.

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