Food Shortage Predictions for 2022

Food Shortage Predictions for 2022

( – The United States suffered in 2021 regarding food shortages. Decreased production due to harsh pandemic-related restrictions contributed to the problem along with global supply-side issues. In addition, the Biden administration’s inability to control the rising infection rates associated with the Omicron variant wreaked havoc on food supplies as well. Looking toward 2022, it appears the shortages could continue well into the year.

The Nasdaq recently published its food supply chain predictions for the upcoming new year. On a positive note, the organization thought worker shortages would eventually decline in 2022. Of course, that prediction relies on the country getting a grip on the pandemic, the coronavirus fizzing out on its own or government officials relaxing burdensome quarantines and restrictions.

On the flip side, Nasdaq speculated transportation system and driver shortages would continue well into the new year. Some online stores like Amazon thrived during the pandemic and scooped up a lot of otherwise unemployed drivers. Some economists predict many of those drivers won’t return to their previous jobs, contributing to continued shortages and the related negative impact on food supplies.

Overall, Nasdaq’s predictions for food shortages indicated a more plentiful year for American grocers and distributors.

Let’s hope that it comes to pass early in the year.

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