Flynn’s Lawyers Lash Out

Flynn's Lawyers Lash Out

( – Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s attorneys seem to have had about enough of Judge Emmet Sullivan’s attempt to continue his prosecution. On Wednesday, his legal team was back in court. This time they argued about the court-appointed counsel’s stance against the dismissal of the case.

Earlier this month, ex-judge John Gleeson argued the Flynn case should not be dismissed because of “a gross abuse of prosecutorial power” by the Department of Justice. On June 17, Flynn’s lawyers said the former judge is guilty of a “flagrant personal and partisan assault,” and called his arguments a “wrap-up smear.”

The Department of Justice also responded to Gleeson. It argues the right to prosecute is solely the power of the DOJ and that Article II of the Constitution doesn’t give a court the right to review the executive branch’s prosecutorial decisions.

It’s really quite incredible that Judge Sullivan and his sidekick are insisting on prosecuting a case the DOJ has dropped. They should not have that authority. It’s especially troubling given the fact that Flynn was railroaded by the FBI and shouldn’t have been charged in the first place. This isn’t how the justice system is supposed to work.

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