Flynn Withdraws Guilty Plea Over “Egregious” FBI Behavior

Flynn Withdraws Guilty Plea Over

( – An early blow to President Trump, and one he’s continued to take fire for, was the resignation of his first choice for the post of National Security Adviser. General Michael Flynn was forced out amid allegations that he’d had inappropriate contact with Russian diplomats, then lied to the FBI about it. However, it’s since turned out that anti-Trump elements in the Bureau aren’t above telling some lies of their own – and now General Flynn is out to clear his name.


In a shock move last week, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn formally requested to withdraw his guilty plea to 2017 charges of making false statements to the FBI.

  • General Flynn was appointed as National Security Adviser on January 23, 2017 — but forced to resign just 24 days later — the shortest tenure in the history of the post, following allegations that he was too close to the Russian ambassador to the US.
  • In December 2017, Flynn agreed to a deal with Special Counsel Rober Mueller that saw him plead guilty to misleading the FBI over his contact with the ambassador.
  • However, it’s since emerged that factions within the FBI are willing to bend the rules to get at President Trump and those around him – and it looks like this happened during their “investigation” of Flynn.
  • Flynn’s legal team has discovered that there’s no detailed record of what he said to the FBI agents. On top of that, the original handwritten report of his interview with them has disappeared and the versions now on file appear to have been edited by someone within the FBI.
  • The agents who interviewed Flynn – known Trump opponents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka – have been criticized by the Justice Department’s inspector general for misconduct and mismanagement in the overall Russia collusion probe. The investigation into Flynn’s contact with Russian officials was specifically mentioned.
  • Now, General Flynn’s lawyers say his previous legal team gave him bad advice and left him under pressure to come to a deal. For example, they advised him to admit that certain statements were lies – but internal emails within the team show that they weren’t even sure Flynn had made those statements.
  • It’s likely to take a new trial to get to the bottom of what really happened during Flynn’s brief tenure in the White House, but it’s clear that the FBI can’t be trusted to treat the president’s supporters fairly.

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