Flaw in Apple Electronic Devices Revealed – Download THIS Immediately

Flaw in Apple Electronic Devices Revealed - Download THIS Immediately

(RightWing.org) – Apple promotes its commitment to protecting its users’ data using “innovative privacy technologies” and “powerful security features.” The company has a long-standing reputation for quickly dealing with any breaches. However, the latest hack is particularly concerning. Fortunately, Apple technicians quickly supplied a fix.

On September 13, Apple announced an emergency security patch after Toronto University’s Citizen Lab notified it of a particularly nasty “zero-click” flaw in its devices. Zero-click hacks are rare, and cybercriminals value them because they can upload ransomware and other malicious programs to devices without tricking users into clicking on a link.

This particular hack loaded Pegasus spyware called FORCEDENTRY on Apple users’ devices. The malware can steal data and eavesdrop on users of all Apple operating systems and devices. Apple’s iPads, computers, and smartwatches are particularly vulnerable to the hack.

Citizen Lab reported the spyware originated from a known Israeli “mercenary,” or hacker-for-hire, spyware company called NSO Group. It also thinks the hack has been in use since February 2021.

If you think you have been hacked, you should take the following steps:

  • Change all your passwords
  • Verify all online account details to make sure your backup email and shipping address haven’t been changed
  • Run a malware and spyware scan on your computer
  • Let your contacts know about the hack

If you have any questions about safe practices online, you can visit the Federal Communication website for tips to securely navigate the internet and conduct transactions.

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