Flag Burner Arrested Outside White House

A serial flag burner was arrested outside the White House on the Fourth of July after destroying two US flags. The hardcore communist committed the act of vandalism while yelling about “a world without America,” which suggests some ignorance of basic geography. Anyway, it’s hard to decide if the culprit burns flags as a political statement or a publicity stunt, because despite over 40 years of political activism that’s all he’s known for — his publicity stunts.


No Fourth of July celebration is complete without a handful of scruffy leftists trying to disrupt the event, and the White House is a regular target for these arrogant arsonists.

  • This year, the annual White House flag-burning protest was led by the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. The membership of this ultra-radical group is unknown, but it only has four branches — two in California, one in Chicago and one in New York.
  • The RCP is exactly what it claims to be — a revolutionary communist party. They don’t just want to run for one or more presidential terms; their goal is to overthrow the US system and replace it with their own patchwork version of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communism. They even have a new “Constitution of the New Socialist Republic” ready to replace the US Constitution. This isn’t some collection of eccentric hippies. The RCP is made up of very extreme and potentially dangerous people.
  • Gregory Lee “Joey” Johnson isn’t very dangerous, though — unless you’re a flag. The 62-year-old former merchant mariner has basically turned burning flags into his life’s work. That’s not a great basis for a successful political career, even by RCP standards.
  • It has made him well known among the far Left, though. In 1984, Johnson was the defendant in the notorious Texas v Johnson case, when a liberal-leaning Supreme Court ruled that his conviction for burning a flag outside Dallas City Hall was a violation of his First Amendment rights.
  • On July 4, Johnson and a group of other RCP members gathered outside the White House and began chanting in support of “a world without America.” In the middle of this undemocratic rabble, Johnson and his followers set fire to two American flags.
  • At least one of the burning flags was rescued by a right-wing counter-protester. Secret Service agents later arrested Johnson. This is at least his fourth arrest for burning the US flag, including during the RNC in Cleveland back in 2016. Sadly he was released and even paid by the city of Cleveland for false arrest. Hopefully, he won’t be rewarded for his arson again this time.

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