First Coronavirus Deaths In US

First Coronavirus Deaths In US

( – The coronavirus epidemic, which is now affecting 70 countries or territories around the world, turned lethal for the US Friday night as a patient in King County, Washington died from the virus. A second death, in the same Washington county, followed on Sunday. That makes a total of 88 cases in the US as of March 1. Nine patients have recovered and 77 are still sick.

In a worrying escalation of the disease, two people have been diagnosed in California despite having had no contact with known carriers. This indicates the disease is spreading through the population faster than it can be tracked.

Panic buying of masks and emergency food supplies is continuing, despite a plea from the Surgeon General to leave masks for medical workers.

Misinformation is an issue with any type of epidemic. Keeping up with the latest facts from a reliable source is key.

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