Finally! Cuomo Agrees With Trump

Finally! Cuomo Agrees With Trump

( – President Donald Trump and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have had their fair share of disagreements and heated back and forths. Cuomo has criticized the president regularly for not doing enough at the same time Trump was making arrangements to ship thousands of ventilators to NYC. However, it seems that Cuomo and Trump might actually have something in common.

They both want to get the economy back online as soon as possible.

It’s shocking, but Cuomo seems to finally be coming around to Trump’s vision for America. The New York governor laid out his opinions during an hour-long conference addressing the state’s coronavirus response.

Cuomo recognized that “we need the economy working” and that “people want to get on with their lives.” The thing is, Trump has been saying this all along and making preparations to open America up for business again. Cuomo is just now playing catch up.

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