Ferromex Train Barrels Towards US Border

(RightWing.org) – Several Mexican freight trains travel toward the United States border daily without incident. However, the circumstances surrounding a train that recently departed from central Mexico raised alarm bells among media outlets. Here’s what we know so far.

On September 17, Fox News national correspondent Griff Jenkins posted a stunning video of a FerroMex train laden with hoards of migrants bursting out of its seams. He warned viewers that they were headed straight to our southern border, “cheering and ‘ignoring’ the message ‘do not come,'” a reference to Vice President Kamala Harris’ warning to Guatemalans not to travel to the US. According to her, the US “will continue to enforce [its] laws and secure [America’s] borders.”

Apparently Harris isn’t talking to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials. Their agents encountered more than 183,000 migrants in July, representing an increase of nearly 20,000 over June. The latest report by CBP is three months old but shows nearly two million border encounters. That figure will likely top last year’s total of roughly 2.4 million.

Jenkins’ clip shows several open cars on the cargo train overflowing with cheering and waving migrants. Others are seen hanging off the sides of the rail cars. The video also shows several makeshift tents and large canvas tarps draped over some of the open cargo holds, providing limited shelter to the elements.

The post noted that the train originated from Zacatecas, an old mining hub about 150 miles northeast of Guadalajara. A quick review of the Ferromex website confirmed the train normally carries agricultural products to Ciudad Juárez, directly across the border from El Paso.

The migrants probably boarded another train called “The Beast” (La Bestia) or “The Train of Death” (El Tren de la Muerte) near Mexico’s border with Guatemala. It travels to a small station in the western outskirts of Mexico City where its passengers hop aboard other trains hoping to make it to the US border.

The journey to Mexico City is fraught with dangers, resulting in the death of scores of migrants daily. The risks associated with hopping aboard and getting off moving trains kill some of them. Others lose their lives after falling asleep and getting bounced off the rail cars.

It remains unclear how many migrants from this train made it to El Paso or the number of them that successfully crossed the border to wreak havoc in areas already overwhelmed with illegals.

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