Feds Show Up at Homes Demanding Owners Turn Over Gun Parts

Feds Show Up at Homes Demanding Owners Turn Over Gun Parts

Feds SHOW UP At Private Homes To Confiscate Their Property!

(RightWing.org) – Controversy continues to surround the response of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to the manufacture, sale, and possession of forced reset triggers (FRTs). The agency recently classified them as machine guns under the National Firearms Act and Gun Control Act. Recent news reports now indicate federal agents are showing up at private citizens’ homes demanding they turn over the gun parts.

On August 20, Ammoland Inc. published an exposé detailing allegations that ATF agents had been visiting private citizens’ homes, asking them to turn over their Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 devices. Two days later, the ATF published a document detailing recent seizures that confirmed the confiscation of about 1,000 of them in New Mexico and Utah.

Of particular concern, it remains unclear how the bureau obtained the customers’ information since the company said it didn’t share that data with agents. Ammoland theorized the ATF may have used data obtained from credit card and shipping companies. The feds received client information in late 2020 regarding the sales of gun kits when the manufacturer, Polymer80, refused to turn over the client info.

Problems between Rare Breed Triggers and the AFT go back to July 26, 2021, when the bureau sent the company a cease and desist letter, ordering the immediate halt of production of its FRT-15 devices. The company defied that order and filed a lawsuit, which remains pending.

On March 22, 2022, the ATF sent an open letter to all federal firearms licensees warning it planned to take “appropriate remedial action” against anyone selling or possessing FRT devices designated as machine guns.

That threat appears to have become a reality with the recent seizures.

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