Feds Quietly Intervening After School Divided Children by Race

Feds Quietly Intervening After School Divided Children by Race

(RightWing.org) – The Biden administration has been forced to act after an Oregon school district was caught practicing SEGREGATION among its students. Civil rights officials were called in after parents complained the district had set up groups that excluded white students. Now they’ve agreed to investigate.

On January 23, Parents Defending Education (PDE), a nonprofit that fights against the infiltration of far-left activism into schools, filed a complaint against Ashland School District in Ashland, Oregon. PDE warned the district was violating the 1964 Civil Rights Act by discriminating against students based on their race. The district had set up race-based groups for students, which excluded whites, and posted a job vacancy for an “Elementary Student Affinity Group Advisor” to lead its racially exclusive groups.

PDE asked the US Department of Education to investigate the district and put an end to racially exclusive groups, which are illegal under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Their complaint showed the district ran groups for Black, Latino, Native American and Asian students, as well as a “Queer Straight Alliance” — but, of course, no white-only group.

On March 20, the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) replied to PDE. Chief Attorney Sarah Dunne said OCR has decided to investigate allegations that Ashland School District is running racially-exclusive groups for middle and high school students but won’t investigate whether these groups are also being run for elementary students — despite the district openly trying to hire someone to run them.

Title VI prohibits racial discrimination in any program that receives federal funding; as OCR acknowledges, that includes Ashland School District. Dunne confirmed the district is required to comply with the law, which means any group it runs has to be open to students of all races.

OCR’s refusal to investigate if race-based groups are being run at elementary level is disappointing, but if its investigation finds the middle and high school groups violate Title VI — which the district’s own descriptions of them make clear that they do — Ashland’s plan to run them for elementary students will probably be quietly shelved.

The Biden Administration might not want to take action against left-wing school boards, but parents are forcing the move.

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