FedEx To Start Taking Pictures of Your Packages

FedEx To Start Taking Pictures of Your Packages

FedEx Under New Rule To Do This To Your Packages

( – Nationwide shortages have become the law of the land in the wake of supply-side issues and rising inflation rates. As a result, Americans increasingly rely on Amazon and other online marketplaces to find essential items missing from their local store shelves. However, the increased use of mail order shopping has also brought a wave of petty thefts, leading FedEx and other companies to start taking photos of your packages.

On June 22, FedEx issued a press release discussing the upcoming launch of its “Picture Proof of Delivery” service for express and ground shipments released without the recipients’ signature in the continental United States and Canada. The company said it will send customers a photograph showing where their package was left once it reached the intended destination.

FedEx also published a webpage discussing the soon-to-be-released service. According to the company, it’s the first nationwide carrier to announce photographic proof of delivery without requiring customers to sign up for an account or log onto their site. “All you’ll need to do is track [your package],” the website boasted. Amazon has offered a similar program for its Prime members since mid-2018.

Do you think this new program will cut down on package thefts?

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