Federal Judge Halts Flynn Decision

Federal Judge Halts Flynn Decision

(RightWing.org) – As the Michael Flynn case develops, high-profile Democrats are looking to keep their heads above water while the PR nightmare unfolds around them. The situation is moving fast as more and more evidence comes up about their wrongdoings. Due to overwhelming evidence, the DOJ has moved to drop charges against Flynn. In fact, it was all moving too fast for US District Judge Emmet Sullivan, so he put the brakes on the case.

On Tuesday, May 12, Sullivan decided he wants third parties to intervene and weigh in on the case. Flynn’s lawyers said that this would be “inappropriate” as they move to quickly undo the wrongdoings against Flynn. FOX News contributor Andy McCarthy shared his thoughts during an “America’s Newsroom” segment, saying that Sullivan is “unhinged.”

McCarthy also pointed out that Sullivan isn’t a bad judge in an overall sense, but this decision is odd and out of the ordinary at the very least.

Other sources suggest that opponents to the case being dismissed want to see perjury charges brought against Flynn.

With the case slowing down to allow outside parties to intervene, we may get further insights into the wrongdoings of Obama-era officials. Although this delay of judgement is inconvenient, this is a judicial matter and the system must play out the scenario. Let’s hope it doesn’t take long for Flynn to be given the justice he deserves.

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