FDA Inspector Who Evaluated Drugs Hospitalized for Mental Disorder

FDA Inspector Who Evaluated Drugs Hospitalized for Mental Disorder

FDA Drug Inspector HOSPITALIZED For Mental Issues?

(RightWing.org) – Every drug on the US market is certified safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — but how reliable is the process? It’s just emerged that a federal official in charge of the process was involuntarily hospitalized this month for mental health issues. Now there are concerns about the quality of his work in recent months.

Early in the morning of May 9, Dr. Jeffrey Siegel, director of the FDA’s Office of Drug Evaluation Sciences, was taken to the hospital against his will for an unspecified mental disorder. Siegel was later released with no findings of any disorder.

According to a disjointed account Siegel posted on a neighborhood website a few days later he was handcuffed when he refused to go with the EMTs; he attached a photo of his bruised wrists in the rambling post.

In his communications, Siegel threatened to sue his doctor — but neighbors don’t think the doctor is at fault. One said an emergency petition, presumably a request for involuntary committal, had been filed against Siegel; another suggested his wife might have filed it.

Siegel’s grudge against his doctor seems to center on her refusal to prescribe him sleeping pills; in the course of his rant he claims to have been working 10-hour days after sleepless nights, then added his job “carries a lot of responsibilities and he makes “major decisions every day that impact the public health.” That’s what has neighbors worried; they seem to have some doubts about his ability to make those decisions.

What do you think? Should anyone be able to request an involuntary hospitalization on someone else?

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