FBI Strangely Omits Dates in Abuse Report Exposing Agent Misconduct

FBI Strangely Omits Dates in Abuse Report Exposing Agent Misconduct

(RightWing.org) – The FBI has released a report about sexual offenses committed by its agents back in… well, sometime. It’s not the most detailed report ever. Some vital facts are missing, and there’s no obvious reason why.

The Department of Justice sets high standards for its staff, but they don’t always meet them. On December 14, the department released a report into six of its agents who had allegedly violated a ban on soliciting prostitutes while working overseas and then lied about it. The report is an “investigative summary” for public release, so it’s shorter than the full internal report – but there are some raised eyebrows at just how short it is. In fact, it’s just one page long, and many important details have been omitted.

The most glaring omissions are where and when the offenses actually occurred. There could be good reasons why the location isn’t being revealed; giving out that information could damage cooperation between the FBI and police in the country where they took place. But why can’t we know when it happened?

It’s fair to say there’s a trust crisis between the American people and our government right now. If the government wants to rebuild trust, it needs to stop hiding things from us. If government departments keep releasing incomplete reports like this one, people will naturally wonder what they’re trying to cover up. The Justice Department isn’t amused when citizens hold back information from it – but trust is a two-way street – it has to work both ways.

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