FBI Reportedly Lied About Hillary Clinton Scandal to Protect Her Campaign Lawyer

FBI Reportedly Lied About Hillary Clinton Scandal to Protect Her Campaign Lawyer

FBI Caught RED HANDED – Hillary Clinton Exposed

(RightWing.org) – The hits keep coming for Hillary Clinton as the trial of her former campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, enters its second week. On Friday, May 20, Clinton’s campaign manager testified that the former secretary of state herself approved the dissemination of false allegations regarding a secret communication channel between Donald Trump and a Russian bank with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. New testimony has now revealed the FBI lied about the source of that information to investigators.

On Monday, prosecutors working for Special Counsel John Durham questioned former FBI agent Allison Sands about a September 2016 referral provided to the FBI. It contained a document written by an anonymous third party discussing alleged communications between the Trump Organization and the Putin-linked Alfa Bank.

Sands testified that she believed the Justice Department was the referral source. But, in truth, Sussmann had provided the information to senior FBI officials.


FBI agent Ryan Gaynor testified that high-ranking agency officials hid Sussman’s identity as the source of the allegation from field agents investigating possible connections between Trump and the Moscow-based Alfa Bank.

Gaynor conceded he might have reconsidered the decision to keep Sussmann’s identity secret from other agents had he known Sussmann had possible political motives for bringing the allegations to the attention of the FBI.

For his part, Sussmann contends he was acting on his own behalf when he approached the FBI in 2016. However, prosecutors say he was working in his capacity as a lawyer for the Clinton campaign.

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