FBI Raids Ghost Gun Maker

FBI Raids Ghost Gun Maker

FBI RAIDS Gun Maker – Reveals What They Found

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco recently announced the issuance of a final Justice Department rule regarding the sale of ghost guns — untraceable, privately manufactured firearms. The directive restricts the sale of those weapons to federally-licensed dealers and requires background checks on all sales. The FBI recently raided the home of a ghost gun maker.

On Thursday, May 26, FBI agents raided the Brookfield, Massachusetts, home of Zachary Zella after he and another individual allegedly sold multiple ghost guns to an unnamed federal informant.

Agents arrested Zella and Mickie Simmons for dealing firearms without a federal license and illegally possessing ammunition shortly after executing the warrant at Simmons’ residence. Both men have prior felony convictions barring them from owning and selling firearms and ammunition.

FBI Task Force Officer Michael Alvarado obtained a search warrant for the two men’s residences the day before the raid. His accompanying affidavit alleged Zella sold a ghost gun and ammunition to an FBI informant on March 7 and May 4. Similarly, Alvarado alleged Zella and Simmons sold two ghost guns and ammunition on April 12 to the informant.

Additionally, Zella allegedly told the informant he had eight additional firearms for sale, including a MAC-10 compact machine gun and a 100-round drum. However, it remains unclear if FBI agents seized any firearms during the raid.

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